Hi, I'm Kelsey. Dallas, Texas. Instagram = @gettlitt

Soooo I haven’t been on this blog in a while! ((even though my Instagram posts to it))

But I have quit smoking, for personal and legal issues. 

I am still debating on deleting this blog.

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Someone lets hang out todayyy 😊✨
Bathroom selfies are cool I guess.
This is so sweet. I’m so happy with my life right now it’s unbelievable.
Today’s jammmzzz #backtrack #frankocean #biggie #pantera
💁💕😎 #holla
We cute doe. @noallies
And now that I’ve move on you tell me that you haven’t. Ok cooooool. Now I’ve lost one of the people I’ve cared about the most.  #done
Feelin cute af in @aaronscruffly hat 😍😘💜🙈✨
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Well this looks cool. Follow me 💚💙💜❤

Rolled a watermelon juicy j after school.

Cloud. My Life, My Photography.

Feeling blue today